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Our Value Proposition:
We specialize in the deployment of trained, professional security officers for general peacekeeping and guarding responsibilities. Our dedicated team works around the clock.
Leveraging on technologies at our disposal, we have the capability to remotely monitor your organisation’s premises for you around the clock, and keep you updated daily.
We work and coordinate closely with Event Organizers & Clubs, with Security focus on crowd management, traffic control, screening, and safely weeding out unruly crowds.
As part of our value-added “one-stop Security hub” solution, we offer a broad Security Systems planning & design service for all types of premises, facilities, and work sites.
Our tailored Bodyguard Services caters to our most prominent Clients including VIPs, Celebrities, Politicians, and high-profile individuals requiring protective services.
With the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of our professional security team, we deliver results in our custom Security solutions. Think Risk Assessments.
Union Security is a leading total-Security brand in Singapore, committed to revolutionising the industry and serving Clients since its inception in 2003.
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Union Security Services was founded in Singapore in 2003 by a dynamic group of former officers from the Singapore Police Force and Military, possessing diverse expertise and skills in Security planning and Management. The company is licensed by the Singapore Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) as a Security Agency for the provision and active deployment of well-trained Security Personnel for all types of premises, such as Commercial Buildings, Condominiums, Hotels, Clubs, Entertainment Outlets, Warehouses, Land, and Private Residences. We provide professional and steadfast Security services and essentials to our Clients.

Union Security is ISO 9001:2008OHSAS 18001:2007, and BizSAFE 3 certified & accredited. It is also a member of the Security Association of Singapore (SAS) and the Fire Safety Manager’s Association of Singapore.

We aim to provide professional and steadfast Security services, as well as tailor intrinsic and holistic Security solutions to all of our esteemed Clients and security Partners. At Union Security, our mission is the complete Security of your organisation and its assets – Our comprehensive array of Security services and solutions are tailored specifically for you and your organisation, and we strive to be your one-stop hub for all your Security needs, where safeguarding your organisation and its assets remain the top priority for our dedicated team. We trust that your organisation can rely on us in ensuring that all your Security needs are safeguarded intricately around the clock with a high degree of autonomy and professionalism.

At Union Security, our focus remains on you, and Understanding your requirements. We listen, and never compromise.

Security Manpower (Uniformed) – Union deploys trained, professional security officers for peacekeeping and added-flexibility.
Close Protection (Bodyguards) – Union’s bodyguard and bodyguard-training services cater to esteemed Clients and VIPs.
Club Security (Bouncers) – Coordinating closely with clubs, Union provides guards (bouncers) for peacekeeping and order in Clubs.
Events Security – Union works closely with Event Organizers, with focus on crowd management, traffic control, and screening.
Security Consulting & Assessments – Union’s custom solutions are all-encompassing, inculcating Risk Assessments & Plans.
Security Systems Planning & Design – Union offers a broad Security Systems planning & design service for all types of premises.
Video Surveillance – Leveraging on Technology, Union has the capability to remotely monitor your organisation’s premises.

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Accreditations and Certifications
Being a leading provider of Security manpower services in Singapore, Union Security prides itself in being up to code and certified with all the relevant credentials.
ISO 9001:2008
Union Security is ISO 9001:2008 certified! More details soon.
Union Security is BizSafe 3 certified! More details soon.
OHSAS 18001:2007
Union Security is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified! More details soon.
SAS Corporate Membership
Union Security is an official SAS Corporate Member! More details soon.
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