Real-time GPS tracking for Locating Car, Van and Lorries

Union Security offers reliable Vehicle Tracking Solutions for increasing the security of vehicles and improving the cost-efficiency of businesses who operate a vehicle fleet. Regardless of the vehicle type, we offer device, connectivity and software systems ready-made for both individuals and businesses for improving routing in delivery and transportation operations. GPS Live features real-time tracking and an interface to view the live location of vehicles on the map. Improve the security of your vehicle and assets, keep an eye on your loved ones for peace of mind using latest GPS tracker technology.

If the security alarm system is used as an intrusion alarm, we may have a series of alerts either remotely and/or locally. Local alerts are usually a siren or sirens depending on the size of the premises. For remote alerts it can be via SMS notifications, app notifications or wireless sirens via wifi or long-range point to point transmissions.

For a security alarm system, you may also use to monitor equipment status. Like flooding with water sensors, temperature in a room or machine with heat sensors. Security alarm system can be connected to a CCTV system to provide a alarm output for cameras with heat or motion detectors.

GPS Live Tracking

Union Security GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your company’s vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver. We provide our clients with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS trackers and systems, which thousands of businesses, consumers, government and law enforcement agencies trust.

Our comprehensive family of cost-effective tracking solutions utilizes some of the most advanced GPS tracking technologies available to keep you in touch, without interruption. Web management interfaces are easy to use, high-resolution image mapping is standard, and built-in features include live & real-time position updates, instant alert notifications, historical playback, customizable reporting, and more.

For those who need tracking systems that can provide detailed reports, accurate position updates, effective results, and more, our GPS tracking systems are the ideal solution.

Live And Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems

Each Union Security GPS tracking device is designed and tested to work right out of the box, from one of our powerful back-end web-based GPS platforms. All of our GPS tracking devices are government and network certified; laboratory tested - no additional software is required.

Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related - our GPS devices are a cost-effective solution. With our GPS vehicle tracking devices, you’ll receive exceptional value and unparalleled service.

Locate Vehicles 24/7

View the real-time location of people, assets and vehicles using Union Security GPS. Union Security GPS offers a wide range of features for setting up alerts and generating useful reports. Union Security GPS web platform allows you to locate an asset in real-time, 24/7, anywhere in the world using a web browser.

Manage Your Vehicle Fleet

GPS tracking and Telematics technology improves the efficiency and productivity of vehicle fleets. Once the devices are installed, managers and business owners will be able to monitor their fleet using nothing but a PC, tablet, or smartphone. We offer fleets a No-upfront payment option to spread the cost into smaller, regular payments over a long period of time. We offer GPS trackers for motorcycles, cars, and lorries.

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