Broadcast Notification System Systems

Broadcast Notifications is a standard feature in Command Centre, developed in response to the increasing need for security personnel to communicate simply and quickly with multiple people.

In emergency or lockdown situations where employees could be in danger, pre-configured Broadcast Notifications and recipient lists allow security personnel to quickly send critical instructions to multiple recipients in one simple step. Broadcast Notifications can also be automatically triggered by alarms and events.

In non-emergency situations, ad-hoc Broadcast Notifications can be used to communicate hazards on site or notify specific groups of shut downs in their area.

With the ability to reach multiple recipients quickly and accurately, the Broadcast Notifications feature is a powerful, reliable solution for any large organization, from corporate and government sites to schools, universities, research facilities and hospitals.

Push notifications

Broadcast Notifications received via the Mobile Connect App provide a trusted source of legitimate information amongst increasing amounts of text message (SMS) and email spam. As a secure communication channel, the app also protects against the threat of hoax or malicious text messages designed to disrupt operations or, in a worst-case scenario, harm people

Dynamic notifications

Dynamic recipient lists can be configured in Command Centre using existing cardholder data to create a broadcast notification group based on specified criteria at the time of sending. Different notifications can be sent to those that meet the criteria, for example people who have had access to a hazardous area in the last 24 hours.

Custom email templates

The ability to configure custom email templates using company branding and imagery makes Broadcast Notifications instantly recognizable to recipients. Increased trust in an authentic message means people take information seriously and are more likely to respond quickly.

ID attributes within the HTML templates allow information from the Command Centre database to be displayed, (e.g. cardholder details, expiries, event and alarm data). Build your own template or customize one of the seven provided.

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