LPR system


Auto LPR Announcement System is a Standalone software with vehicle license plate recognition (LPR) Camera which is configured with an announcement system. The LPR software provides accurate plate detection in real-time video (Full HD), it’s special algorithm can easily read and recognise Singapore car plate. This software is windows-based application, its backend database is MS-SQL. Data can be kept for more than one year, depending on Users requirements. The Software is User friendly and can be easily configured and operated by anyone with basic computer knowledge. This standalone software can be easily integrated with any other systems or hardware for future upgrade. The system can be easily integrated with the barrier system if required in the near future.

How does LPR work?

Any LPR technology converts the image into machine-encoded text. Leaning on optical character recognition, LPR therefore supplies an encoded number plate that can be digitally read. In the context of vehicle access control, this means any authorized vehicle is granted access through quick and easy LPR recognition.

License plate readers in schools

License plate recognition technology can be an additional layer for campus security stakeholders as a form of access control and to identify unknown entrants.

Increase security and reduce queues

Union Security offers specialized ANPR cameras for exceptional accuracy and connectivity, ensuring enhanced security and smoother traffic flow at gates. This safeguards employees and visitors while reducing wait times, all while keeping costs under control.

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