Security Alarm Systems for Commercial and Business

Security alarm system usually consist of door sensors, motion detectors, Sirens and Beam detectors. Security alarm system can be used as an intrusion alarm system or other type security alarm system like fire, smoke or heat alarms, equipment alarms and any other types of alarms that you require to sound off an alert on a status.

If the security alarm system is used as an intrusion alarm, we may have a series of alerts either remotely and/or locally. Local alerts are usually a siren or sirens depending on the size of the premises. For remote alerts it can be via SMS notifications, app notifications or wireless sirens via wifi or long-range point to point transmissions.

For a security alarm system, you may also use to monitor equipment status. Like flooding with water sensors, temperature in a room or machine with heat sensors. Security alarm system can be connected to a CCTV system to provide a alarm output for cameras with heat or motion detectors.

Various Alarm Systems

• Motion Sensor Alarm

• Fire Alarm System

• Door Sensor Alarm System

• Water Alarm System

• Heat Alarm System

• Infrared Sensor Alarm System

• Intruder Alarm System

High Quality Burglar Alarms

One of the best ways you can protect your home from danger is by installing a burglar alarm. By installing a burglar alarm system in Singapore, you can protect your home when you are at work, on holiday or simply out of the house. This will provide you with peace of mind that your property and possessions are completely protected from harm

Our burglar alarms an also be installed into businesses to protect your business from any potential threat. Should any individual makes an attempt to break into your property, the alarm will be triggered and create a very loud sound to deter the criminal. The alarm is programmed to call or SMS you on the devices of your choice. These burglar alarm system will automatically dial or message your assigned phone numbers when the alarm is triggered. As a result, you can have the utmost confidence that your business is completely protected from any potential theft.

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